Sunday, March 30, 2014

First build, first post, long time coming

Anime Boston 2014 -  RWBY.

Genderbend Weiss Schnee AB 2014

Anime Boston 2013 -  Durarara!!

Izaya Orihara (center) AB 2013

Otakon 2012 -  Steins;Gate

Kurisu Makise (right) Otakon 2012

This is a small sampling of the cosplay I've put together since attending my first anime convention as Ty Lee in 2009 -- there are, to date, at least seven characters I've emulated to varying degrees of success at East Coast conventions. And they've all yielded a smattering of pictures, a bit of recognition from other con-goers, and good times with good friends.

So why would I write about it? Heck, why would you bother to read about my (ongoing) adventures with cosplay?

Maybe it's because you, like me, think of cosplay as a hobby. You like going to conventions (or want to try), you like anime (or any cartoon/video game in general, really), you like being around other fans and you are not afraid to wear something a little silly. But you don't spend months at a time on a single outfit. You don't have a dedicated sewing machine, or really a clue of how to properly sew something. You need a place to start figuring out how to dress up like that character you love, but you're a little pressed for time.

Join the club. This blog is called "Duct Tape Cosplay" because I revere the art of using duct tape to put together the last touches of a costume that I may have almost not-quite finished in time for the convention. I'm a beginner, possibly like you, and I like coming up with inventive ways to overcome my shortcomings in the more traditional cosplay arts.

In short, I'm an engineer at heart, and I am learning how to make better and better cosplays as time goes by because it is a lot of fun. I invite you to read about, and maybe learn a bit from, my continuing adventures in making whatever silly costumes and props I damn well please in whatever method strikes my fancy (and budget. And schedule) at the time.

These posts will probably be out of order. But, hell, everyone's got to start somewhere.

Credit for the photos usually goes to this guy:

The lovely lady next to me in most of these photos can be found here: